The simplest way to organize and distribute events.

What is UbSub?

PubSub is the easiest way to capture and transmit events anywhere! Have an email and want it to trigger IFTTT? Easy! Want an Arduino to interface with Github? Done!

It's easy to hook up a webhook, an incoming email, a UDP payload from an IoT device, or a SocketIO application to invoke anything else. You can even transform and manipulate data on the server with Javascript!

Read The Docs

Head over to the documentation and check out all the different protocols you can communicate with, along with how to run server-side javascript!

Integrate with your Arduino

Ubsub natively supports esp8266-like boards (esp32, nodemcu, particle, arduino, etc). This makes it super easy to send and receive data to the board from the cloud.

Manage your Email Flow

You can both send and receive emails via ubsub (As data payloads, of course). This makes it easy to inspect automated emails and decide whether to alert!

What are you waiting for?

(You don't even need an email to sign-up!)