What is UbSub?

UbSub is a platform to provice the publish-subscribe architecture. You may have a one or more publishers posting data (JSON) to a topic. The topic then is able to forward the data in various different forms to subscribers.

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See: Supported Subscriber Protocols

Triggering a topic

Getting Started

  1. Head over to the homepage and create an account. A userless account can be created for testing, but remember that anyone can access it.
  2. Create a new topic. Give it a name that would be useful for you to know what it does.
  3. Create a subscription. You can create a test hook using a site such as webhook.site.
  4. Submit a test event in the topic UI!
  5. Check out various integrations on the left to begin using UbSub.


Topics can be triggered via various protocols. They are the root of PubSub. Once a topic is triggered, it will send a notification to all of its subscribers via their protocols.

For instance, you can trigger a topic when a user submits a form on their site. Upon receiving the payload, the topic will send it to all subscribers such as to send an email, and call another http endpoint to submit the form.